Friday Finds – 27th May

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

Friday again already? Goodness, the weeks are slipping away quickly right now!

First up this week is a bit of a feel-good story. It may be from last summer, but it popped up in my news feeds this week and I don’t think I’ve featured a dog-related story for a while. It’s the incredible story of a stray dog who followed a team through their 430 mile Amazon race and all the hardships that went with it. I just love the idea of such faithfulness from a four-legged friend and am so pleased there was a happy ending (but if you’re anything like me, the video at the bottom will have you in tears!)

While we’re crying anyway, here’s another emotional story, this time surrounding the soldier who died whilst running this year’s London Marathon. Showing the spirit of togetherness I so often associate with marathon running, his friends and family recently completed the final miles he did not get to run. Not only that, but they have helped raise a phenomenal amount of money for the runner’s chosen charity, Help for Heroes. I hope that by doing this, his nearest and dearest can find some comfort.

A more cheering story to emerge from the London Marathon is that of Ryan Lee. 18 year old Ryan completed his first marathon in London this year, but was removed from the official times after his chip did not register at the 5k mark and there were doubts about whether or not he had run. Horrified that her son was being accused of cheating, Ryan’s mother took to social media to appeal for photos of her son during the first 5k of the race that would prove he had run. They struck it lucky when someone had a photo and that evidence, combined with an investigation by the race organisers, resulted in Ryan’s time being reinstated. It’s good to see a positive outcome here.

On a completely different note, I also enjoyed reading this short piece in The Guardian which recounts how one man came to join his local running club. Running magazines are always recommending joining a club and they can be great for social runs and to get into a running routine, yet they can also be a source of some trepidation for prospective members. If you have been thinking of trying out a club, perhaps this will help you to make that decision!

And finally, the benefits to our mental health that come with running have been well documented, but if you’re looking for a bit more to help you to unwind, then apparently colouring could be the thing for you. Studies have shown great benefits from colouring in and sales of adult colouring books are booming. I was actually given such a book at Christmas (Paris themed of course!) but have yet to have a go – ironically I’m too worried about making a mess of it. Maybe I need to start with something a bit more simple. Time for a range of colouring books featuring race bibs and pretty running outfits I think!

Happy reading,
The Running Princess


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – 27th May

  1. Fascinating story about Ryan being accused of cheating! Though I’m glad to know that these things are monitored, it unfortunate to hear that someone was falsely accused. So glad to hear that his name was cleared!

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