Friday Finds – 13th May

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

I must be in need of an adventure (or at the very least a new challenge!) as my picks this week all have a bit of an adventure theme. Not only that, but they all highlight the adventurous spirit that so many women are embracing. Perhaps something here will inspire you to go and get out of your comfort zone…

First up, some running adventures. I’ve recently been finding out more about the Marathon des Sables, often known as the toughest footrace on earth. I was following closely as Sarah Williams, host of the Tough Girl podcast, took on this incredible challenge and I became quite fascinated with everything that went into preparing for an event like this.  So here’s the story of another pretty tough girl to take on the challenge this year: Sally Orange.

Next up, a bit of girl power. You may be aware that Iran recently held its first international marathon, however women were not allowed to compete. This may sound a bit like the situation trailblazers like Bobbi Gibb and Kathrine Switzer took a stand against in the 1960s, so it was heartening to see at least one woman stand up to the ruling. I had come across a few articles about this particular event and the exclusion of women, but this one really caught my eye. Mahsa Torabi set out two hours ahead of the men, to run unsupported and complete the marathon. It makes for a great read and shows how it only takes one person to create a change.

Some more women looking to make history are the seven members of a group hoping to beat the record held by Mark Beaumont for the non-stop time trial across the North Coast 500. Not only are these women setting out to break a record, they are also launching a new organisation which aims to encourage other women to achieve their goals. This is an aim I wholeheartedly agree with and I wish them every success.

I also read this week about female adventurer Lizzie Carr who is currently attempting to be the first person to paddleboard the length of England. The 643km journey through connected waterways is expected to take three weeks and Carr is carrying all the equipment she will need with her. As well as the adventure element of the challenge, Carr wants to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our waterways, and if you would like to follow her journey then there are links in the article. Good luck Lizzie!

And finally, if this has given you a taste for adventure (or just a taste for reading a bit more about adventurous people from the comfort of your own living room!) then here’s The Guardian‘s list of women who are indulging their adventurous spirit right now. Read this, then head off on an adventure of your own…

Happy reading,
The Running Princess

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