Currently… (February 2016)

I’ve read that it’s bad form to begin a post by apologising for not writing much recently, yet I feel I need to acknowledge that my blog really has been limping along on little more than my Friday Finds posts since the turn of the year. This is not how I want things to be, and it’s certainly not for want of things to write about (I have several post ideas waiting in my drafts folder), but life has been doing an excellent job of getting in the way of many things recently, the blog being just one!

So what am I going to do about it? Well, having seen many bloggers using the “Currently..” prompt I’ve been keen to introduce this as a regular feature here as it’s a great way of writing a little more about what I’ve been up to. My original plan had been to start at the end of January, but perhaps after reading my February post you’ll understand why that didn’t happen. I hope you enjoy catching up a bit on what life has brought me over the past couple of months…

Everything! Steve and I finally moved into our brand new house at the end of January. Packing everything up, getting belongings out of storage and moving everything into the house was the easy bit; unpacking, clearing stuff out and deciding where things should go was much more complicated. And in among all the “excitement” there were trips to Ikea, furniture to build and many takeaways eaten on the floor of either our old or new kitchens (depending on what we were up to at the time). A month on and things are looking good, routines are being established and (hopefully) I’ll be able to spend more time over my usual pastimes and less dragging poor Steve around retail parks while I shop for lampshades!


One of my goals for 2016 was to read more books and this was going really well throughout January – I was making time for books more often in my day and completing them much more quickly than in recent years. The move did put paid to that for a bit, but I think I’m getting back on track now. I just finished reading Eat Sleep Cycle by Anna Hughes. It’s an account of her journey around the coast of the UK by bike and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Look out for a review soon!


For a while now I’ve enjoyed listening to podcasts and this has continued, my favourites being Marathon Talk and the Tough Girl podcast, but during the move we had a few days without tv and internet and my DAB radio became my best friend as I trailed it around the house with me, sifting through boxes and organising possessions. It was like having a bit of company in the evenings when Steve was working and I enjoyed listening in to programmes I don’t normally hear. Two songs in particular seemed to be on all the time and these will forevermore conjure up memories of the move when I hear them:

In a recent Friday Finds post I highlighted Eddie Izzard’s Sport Relief challenge to run 27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa. Ever since he completed his 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief a few years ago, Eddie has been an inspiration to me and after his previous attempt to complete this particular challenge was aborted due to a health issue, I’ve been following along intently to see how it goes this time. I was particularly taken with his statement: “I do what I can. I run, I walk, I crawl. That is the deal I made with the Gods of running.” I think I might be making a similar deal soon myself!

With a less intense training regime throughout my injury, I didn’t feel I needed to eat such a big lunch and I took the chance to shake things up and have something different. Now, instead of my pasta, I’m enjoying a salad every day with chicken, avocado and black olives. It’s delicious and I really look forward to it every day. I’m feeling good and avoided any massive fluctuations in weight while I rode out my injury.


This past Saturday was the second of my two symphony concerts of the year. This was a joint concert with the local youth orchestra and was great fun. I missed a few rehearsals this term due to the combined impact of the move, parents’ nights and report writing, but I’m glad I was able to take part and had a great night. I mean, we played music from Star Wars, and even though I’m not overly fussed about the films, the music is pretty cool to play!


And amongst all that I still managed a bit of training. I’ve been working on my swimming as my Swimathon event is approaching, doing some long sessions on the exercise bike (that’s where I read most of my book) and recently completed my return to running programme so have been back to parkrun as a reward (podiatrist approved!). My speed is a bit slow and my return event saw me run a PW (parkrun worst) but I didn’t care as simply being able to run 5k was all I wanted and I loved every minute. Onwards and upwards!


So its been a busy old year so far! I’m now looking forward to getting back to a bit more regular running, getting back to my reading and getting into a routine in our new home. Maybe I’ll even find time for a bit of a rest! I promise to keep you posted…



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