Friday Finds – 22nd January

Friday Finds is a regular feature in which I collate and share interesting articles and posts on running/health/fitness which I’ve read recently. Some might be inspiring, some might be scientific, some might provoke debate. All are things I’ve found in some way thought-provoking.

With time a bit tight this week (more on that another day) I’ve decided to bring you something a little different. It’s still Friday Finds, but this week it’s the “Friends and Family” edition. The fates have presented me with a number of pieces involving people I know, and this seems like an ideal time to share them with you…

To start with, a very sensible piece on the tricky subject of choosing running shoes, courtesy of my podiatrist who has recently added a blog to his website. There are many conflicting views on how best to choose the ideal shoes, however after a lot of trial and error (and a few injuries!) I now tend to make comfort the over-riding factor in making my choice rather than more “traditional” methods which have not really been successful for me. My belief is that if the shoes feel good on my feet and I feel I could run and run in them, then in all likelihood I will. Perhaps worth considering the next time you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes.

Next up, if you’re preparing for a marathon this year or fundraising for an event, then The Scotsman recently published a couple of pieces to help you out. In the first, there are a number of useful suggestions for boosting your fundraising pot, including a contribution by  a friend who works for Triathlon Scotland. Having spent a great deal of 2014 and 2015 fundraising, I definitely agree that many of these can make a big difference to a fundraising total:

And in the second, contributors including my very own husband provide some handy tips to help with preparing for a marathon. There’s certainly more to consider when training for an event than “just” running, and these tips might be particularly useful for first-timers as well as providing a timely reminder to those of us who are no stranger to the distance.

And finally, I recently read this post from the 5×50 challenge which I took part in last year. It concerns a local runner who used the challenge to kickstart an activity streak that he feels has made a massive difference in his life. While we may not all want to take it quite as far, the idea of regular activity is definitely a positive one and this example shows how we might go about incorporating more activity into our lives.

What this tells me is that we are all surrounded by people who are well-placed to give us advice on all manner of things. And you yourself might be able to use your experiences to help someone else in running or some other activity. You just never know!

Happy reading,
The Running Princess


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