A Nice November

What with one thing and another, I now find myself late in December with the realisation that I never yet wrote my roundup of what I got up to in November. I am a bad blogger and shall send myself to the naughty step to think about what I’ve one! But before I do, I’ll finish this post…

November began not with running, but with spectating. Steve had entered the Men’s 10k in Edinburgh, so I was his designated support team for the event. In other words, I accompanied him to Edinburgh, walked up lots of hills to the start then, extra bag in hand, marched myself to the finish in time to see him cross the line.


The race began on the Royal Mile and it was a beautiful autumnal morning so I enjoyed my walk to the finish at Murrayfield, passing by the back of the castle:

And with perfect timing, I arrived just a few minutes before Steve ran into the stadium for his big finish!

I must say, I found it a bit odd to be spectating rather than running, but it was a well organised event and Steve seemed to enjoy it.

But don’t worry, I soon got my November running underway as I had one race and two virtual events lined up!

First up, I had entered a special 2 mile event celebrating the “birthday” of Virtual Runner UK, the company I have been using for my virtual races throughout this year. I was keen to enter this particular event because the medal was a really cute cupcake:









I had also entered the Poppy Challenge, which required participants to submit their total mileage for the month of November, with a minimum 30km required to achieve the medal. This had been a really popular event and many missed out on the chance to sign up. I was lucky enough to snag an entry during the summer and was pleased to receive my medal to mark my efforts.









And of course, I took on the 5k Mo Run in Glasgow on a rather grey Remembrance Sunday. Not too bad a bling haul for November and all fun, unusual medals.


But November, believe it or not, wasn’t just about running. Some other highlights of the month included:

Playing in the first of my two annual symphony orchestra concerts.

And visiting the zoo for a special adopters’ day where I saw not only the king penguins (the animal I adopt) but managed, for once, to see one of the pandas.

It was all great fun, and there was still plenty of time for running in a variety of weather conditions from rain, to cold, to a bit of sunshine. I even did a stint of timekeeping at parkrun on a beautiful autumn morning:


Overall, a very nice November (the English teacher in me hates “nice” on account of it being such a bland word, but I needed a suitable adjective to create alliteration with “November” and “nice” worked best!). There was lots of running and a fair amount of fun. And to finish, a combination of both as our local parkrun celebrated its 2nd birthday and there was a beach party theme. That’s right, a November beach party! I opted for a VERY bright top (I got it in the US and suspect it may be visible from space!), some patterned shorts (over my thermal tights – it was a cold day!) and sunglasses (with yellow rather than dark lenses as it wasn’t a terribly bright day). It was a lovely run and we got a spot prize which turned out to be a chocolate Santa (no picture of that as it didn’t really last long enough – oops!).


So there you have it. An enjoyable month to set me up for the fun of December and the festive season.

Did you do anything fun in November?
What are your favourite things to do when you’re not running?

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