A Christmas Wishlist

It’s December! The decorations are going up, the Christmas songs are on repeat and festive jumpers are starting to look like a choice sartorial option. At this time of year I like to compile bit of a Christmas wishlist so that if Santa’s reading, I might be lucky, and if not, I can always hope for a bargain in the sales!

*Note: this is not in any way sponsored, it’s just a list of stuff I’d quite like!

I’m an optimistic soul, so I’ll start with a more expensive product and right now its all about conquering the elements! With marathon training ahead, I have my eye on a new running jacket. I want something waterproof and with a hood that will stay up as I move. Top of my list right now is the Ronhill Vizion Storm Jacket in a rather fetching purple colour. It would be a great rainy day top layer and should keep me dry without being too bulky. A decent running jacket is always a good investment and should last a long time.


Since I like to co-ordinate my outfits, even whilst running, I’m also keen on the Vizion Rhythm Tight which I think would look great with the jacket and help me to stay visible in poor light.

I’m a big fan of the Adidas Climaheat products and got a great top from this range last year. From this year’s collection, I rather like the long sleeved top which looks like it would keep me nice and cosy on colder days.

For a bit of all-over central heating, I also have my eye on the Sequentials Climaheat Tights. Steve has a pair of Climaheat tights and he loves them, so that’s a good enough recommendation for me!

I recently saw a picture of a runner wearing this Blackcomb Evolution base layer and immediately thought, “I need one of those!”. A bit pricey, but I’m really taken with the idea of the built-in face mask to help keep me warm when the cold air is biting at me. Basically a built-in balaclava, but on a cold day I know I would be grateful for it!

As a keen Marathon Talk listener, I’d love some MT kit to show off (and maybe get into that Marathon Talk Kit Around the World album on Facebook!). There’s so much to choose from that I think I probably want it all!

This year I discovered the Hogwarts Running Club and it would be fun to have something from their stores, such as one of their fun T-shirts to go with my cool Harry Potter-themed medals.

Stocking Fillers
2015 for me has been the year of parkrun. I love my weekly timed 5k and really feel like part of the family now. I’m half way to my first milestone T-shirt, so in the meantime I’d love to read this book by Debra Bourne.

I like to carry a few essentials on my runs and have a number of belts and bags for this. I already have a Flipbelt, but an older version, and the latest models have a clip to keep those all-important keys safe. Dropping my key from my Flipbelt is my biggest worry, so perhaps a new one would alleviate that fear. My current one is pink, so maybe a nice sleek black or bright purple would do the trick.

And of course, there’s always socks! It may be a bit of a Christmas cliché, but a runner always needs new socks. My favourites are Balega Hidden Comfort and Feetures! Light Cushion No Show.

I’m sure I could come up with an endless list of running “essentials” but these are the main things I’m lusting after right now. I just hope Santa knows I’ve mostly been a good girl!


What’s on your wishlist this year?


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Wishlist

  1. This year, we are renovating our kitchen so my wish list is basically full of requests for gift cards and kitchen “stuff”! I did ask for a new bathing suit to use to swim laps, though. I love to swim as cross training!


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