Just For Fun – A Running Survey

I recently saw a post by Jessie at The Right Fits in which she shared her answers to some questions originally posted by The Hungry Runner Girl. As I read, I found myself mentally answering the questions, so I thought I’d turn them into a post. I’d love to read your answers too, either in the comments or in a post of your own.

Here goes…!

Would you rather run along a beach path or a mountain trail?
To be honest, I’ve little experience of either, however I could access a trail easily from home, whereas a beach path would be a much rarer occurrence for me, so I’m going to choose the beach. If I had the chance to run along/by a beach then I would probably be on holiday and would no doubt finish my run with a refreshing dip in the sea. Lovely!
If you could choose the flavour of Gatorade at your next race’s aid stations, what flavour would it be?
I’m not much of a Gatorade fan, but I do like a bit of Powerade from time to time. My favourite is the blue one, which I think is some kind of berry flavour.
If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would be the first thing that you would purchase with it?
Ooh, a free spend in a running store! Whether that 100 is in $ or £, in all likelihood I’d buy shoes. I can never say no to a nice new pair of bouncy running shoes – it’s like running on little clouds! At the moment I’m mainly running in various models of Adidas Boost and would probably pick a pair of Ultra Boosts in purple. So pretty!

Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide then how far and how fast you want to run?
Training plan. Sometimes it’s great to just go and run as far and as fast as I want, but generally I prefer to have a plan in place to help me prepare for my target event.
Would you rather start your run with the uphill and end on the downhill or start your run with the downhill and end with the uphill?
Most of my routes seem to start uphill and finish downhill, which I do really like. That said, when I’m in Florida it’s actually the other way around which is great for preparing a strong race finish. On balance, I think I prefer to finish with a downhill, though!
When you can’t run, what kind of cross training do you choose to do?
Cycling and swimming. Regular readers will remember that I just started cycling last year and have also been learning to swim the front crawl for a few months.

What is your preference: out and back, point to point or loop runs?
Loops. Anything else is either soul-destroying or a logistical challenge!
If you could recommend ANY running-related item to a new runner, it would be a…
Good pair of running shoes. It doesn’t particularly matter what the rest of your kit is like, but getting the right pair of shoes is the difference between comfort and the horror of blisters/black toenails/injury.
Do you ever see any wild animals while out on your runs?
Usually just birds of prey and the occasional rabbit or deer.
Ever gotten lost while out on a run?
Not yet, but you never know what might happen!
If you could have one meal waiting and ready for you each time you got home from a run for the next 30 days, what would that meal be?
I find it hard to eat straight after a run, especially when I’m warm. Even when I’m hungry I need a bit of time before anything too heavy, so I’d probably choose a nice bowl of French Onion soup. Yes, even in the summer!

Capris or shorts… what do you run in most often?
Shorts/skorts in the summer and long tights in the winter. I really only wear capris for gym workouts.
At what mile (or how many minutes) into your run does your body start to feel like it’s warming up and ready to go?
Usually about 2-3 miles in. No wonder a 5k race always feels so tough!
What do you do with your key when you run?
I keep it in my Spibelt. I need 2 keys to get in so they tend to jingle in my pocket but are ok in a Spibelt.
If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one would it be?
So many choices, but I think I’m going to choose the Paris marathon in 2014. I had the most amazing day and got a new marathon PB. And it was in Paris – what’s not to love about that!

What type of run is your least favourite type of run?
The ones where my legs are heavy and tired after a really long run a couple of days before and I feel like I’m dragging myself round. These tend to happen at the business end of marathon training, but in the last couple of years I’ve recovered well and not had too much of a problem. Fingers crossed that continues!
What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to get your run on?
I’ve been keen to get back to the level of fitness I had in February/early March before a quad strain put me out of action for a bit. With a new parkrun PB last week and a half marathon on the horizon, I think I might actually have managed that, so my motivation now is a strong performance in my half next month.
When you go for a run, do you leave right from your front door or do you drive somewhere to start?
I go straight from my front door. I would only drive somewhere first if I was meeting a friend for a run and they lived too far away to run there!
When running in daylight, are sunglasses a must or an annoyance?
A must. I have a really light and comfortable pair of sunglasses so I barely notice they’re there. I don’t like to have my eyes screwed up from the sunshine, and a pair of sunglasses also helps shield my eyes from bugs and dust getting in them.
When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting?
I usually remind myself of what I’m trying to achieve and think about times I’ve overcome obstacles to achieve what I set out to do. If I’m tired, I’ll slow down, but I won’t quit. Besides, since I run loops the only way to get back home is to keep going and running will get me there quickly!


What would your answers be? I’d love to hear from you or read your post.


10 thoughts on “Just For Fun – A Running Survey

  1. If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one would it be?

    I’d relive exactly the same race – Paris Marathon ’14. Or maybe just the first 20 miles 🙂


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