That Time We Created Our Own Event!

For the last few years, we have been in Florida for the 4th of July and headed to beautiful Winter Park to take part in the annual Watermelon 5k fun run. We get up early, drive to Winter Park for the race, cool down with delicious ice cold watermelon then don our race t-shirts to head off for a cooked breakfast before spending the rest of the day relaxing. The perfect way to begin our trip.

But this year, the school term finished a little later meaning we would still be here in Scotland for the 4th. Undaunted, we decided that since it was a Saturday, we could create our own event so as not to miss out on all the fun.

When we dreamed up this scheme a few weeks back, we pictured a mild July day. Not necessarily sunny, but dry and bright. For the last week or so, the weather has been incredibly humid (for Scotland!) and yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. Imagine my dismay on waking up this morning to raindrops bouncing off the street and no sign of any let up. Still, we had planned our morning itinerary and there was no way we were going to wimp out because of a little rain!

The plan was simple:

1. Wear my 2012 Watermelon 5k tech top.


2. Run (a very soggy!) parkrun. Time = 25:40. I had signed up to a virtual 4th of July run which required me to run 4 miles, so I added on another mile by running home the long way. My medal and race pack for this virtual event is waiting for me in Florida!

3. Prepare watermelon.


4. Enjoy refreshing watermelon.


4a. Offer cat watermelon!

5. Get showered and change into my 2014 Watermelon 5k cotton t-shirt to head out for breakfast.

Job done!

And that’s how to create your own event in 5 easy steps! It was great fun, even with the rain and a nice way to prepare for this year’s trip to Florida.

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers. How did you celebrate today?


9 thoughts on “That Time We Created Our Own Event!

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