An Awesome April

Looking back at my March roundup, I’m struck by how long it seems since I wrote that post. It may only have been 4 short weeks, but so much has been crammed into those weeks that somehow it seems much longer.

As April began, things were a little uncertain. I had a marathon to run, but hadn’t actually run for about a month due to an injury. I knew I would be able to complete the marathon, but didn’t actually know how that injury would hold up or how mobile I would be afterwards. I’ll admit, I was a bit scared and my fears did cloud some of my Paris experience this time. I found it hard to feel excited about the race and every time someone asked me if I was looking forward to it, I really wasn’t sure how to answer. In the first week or so of the month I worked hard to re-build strength in my leg and went for some very short runs to see how it felt. I did absolutely everything I could think of to prepare my body for the event, given the gap in my training.

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, then you’ll know that things did go well in Paris. My leg felt comfortable during the fantastic Breakfast Run and presented very little in the way of problems during the marathon itself. I reset my goal from a sub-4 hour finish, to simply getting round in one piece and having fun. My only really issue was a lack of specific conditioning (long bike rides aren’t quite the same as long runs for marathon preparation!) but I completed the race, enjoyed my day and made some new friends along the way. As an added bonus, I could still walk afterwards! What’s not to like?

Of course going to Paris, regardless of injury, was always going to be my April highlight. I just LOVE Paris and getting the chance to run there is simply fantastic. But since getting back, rather than suffer the post-marathon blues, I’ve had a jam-packed month of exciting things to do.

As part of my recovery, I treated myself to a pampering spa pedicure and Steve took me away for a night at the beautiful Knock Castle near Crieff. We also spent an evening as guests at the Macmillan ball in Dundee and heard lots of inspiring stories from supporters of this wonderful charity.


But around all that fun, I also began to reintroduce some training. After a very easy week immediately after the marathon, I soon got back out on my bike, continued my work to rebuild the strength in my leg after the muscle strain, did some swimming and even went back to Metafit. My training for the remainder of April certainly wasn’t as full-on as it was before the marathon, but it began to re-establish my routine and maintain some fitness. It was nice to have some time away from running to allow my leg to recover without pressure and I enjoyed my cycling, but as we head into May I’m itching to lace up my trainers again and get back out there. All the work I’ve been doing with Steve has made a massive difference and there’s definitely much more strength in the muscle than before. My physio said I would know when it was ready for a run again, and where before I was hesitant, now I’m keen to get out there and try a short run to see how it feels. Fingers crossed it’s all good and I can get back to some regular running again.

All-in-all, April has been a great month. I may not have met my ultimate goal of a sub-4 marathon time (yet) but I had a wonderful trip to Paris, completed my seventh (!) marathon and had a lot of fun. Oh, and I made some additions to my bling collection:


At the top, my medal from the Easter virtual race I took part in (run, swim or cycle any distance in the first 7 days of April). In the middle, the medal from a rather unique virtual event. A bride and groom planned to run 5k on their wedding day and wanted as many people as possible to join them by running 5k that same day. That day turned out to be the day of the Paris Breakfast Run, so I signed up and not only had a lovely time running around Paris, I earned a rather nice horseshoe medal for my efforts! At the bottom, of course, my treasured Paris marathon medal. A weighty piece of bling that I absolutely love.

So as I say goodbye to April, I’m saying both goodbye and thank you for a brilliant month. Paris, pampering and preening. Perfect. Let’s hope May shapes up to be just as good…

How was your April?
What are you looking forward to in May?

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7 thoughts on “An Awesome April

  1. Onwards and upwards this May! My April consisted of my big Balmoral Challenge, where I achieved the goals I set in both races. May will be a quiet month: still taking it easy for another few weeks, then starting to build again. I’m also joining the Stonehaven running club šŸ™‚

    Happy training!

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