To My Valentine…


There’s no denying it: last year, you hurt me. We had a fantastic Valentine’s Day followed by a wonderful trip to Paris in April, but then you hurt me, both physically and emotionally. I now know that the fault was partly mine. I got carried away, over-excited, and pushed too hard. The cracks were bound to show eventually. And they did.

I’ll admit, the situation made me feel low. I questioned everything: how could such a strong, constant part of my life be causing me such hardship? How could this be happening to me? Why couldn’t things be like they were before? I thought about bringing our relationship to an end, particularly when I met another and flirted a bit, but although similar to you, I just didn’t feel quite the same with them. It was fun, but I needed more to satisfy me. Surely with such a solid foundation beneath us we could work things out? After all these years together, surely it was worth a try?

It took a few months. Not even a holiday together made a significant difference. We had to go right back to basics and remember all the good times we’d had together like city breaks in Paris, London and Edinburgh; highland getaways in Inverness and Aviemore; and all those times you got me gorgeous new shoes. We had to seek help from others and gradually rebuild our relationship. We had to start again, and this time get it right.

And it was worth it. Now, our relationship feels better than ever. The connection between us feels so strong. We’re spending time together regularly and have introduced something new to spice things up a bit with a regular date on a Saturday morning. I’m enjoying every minute I spend with you, despite how often you take me out on cold, dark nights. You even got me some fabulous new shoes, just like old times.


Now it’s time to put the past behind us and focus on the future. This is going to be our year: another springtime trip to Paris, a weekend break in Edinburgh and a holiday in the sunshine to look forward to. I’ve learned from my mistakes and won’t push too hard again. I promise I’ll listen more carefully and give more thought to what I can do to make sure our relationship continues to thrive. In return, I simply ask that you don’t hurt me again.

Running, I can’t imagine my life without you. You challenge me, but that challenge makes me stronger and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. You’ve given me so many experiences I would never otherwise have had and brought so many new people into my life. I’m definitely happier when we’re together.


So let’s move forward together, for between us we can conquer the world!


How would you describe your relationship with running (or any other sport/exercise)?
What would you say in your alternative Valentine?


6 thoughts on “To My Valentine…

  1. Running clears my head and keeps me sane. Sometimes my runs feel awful because my legs are tired but when I am done I am happy I went. My next run feels better because of it.
    Running challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone. It is also something I can do solo or with friends. It allows me to explore new areas quicker and I can a workout at the same time.

    I also like to eat…but is that cause I run so much? Maybe I wouldn’t eat as much if I didn’t run? Either way I do run and I do eat = happiness.


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