Christmas Capers

I love Christmas. As a child, Christmas Eve was my favourite day of the year and I would spend it watching Christmas movies and getting excited about all the treats Santa would place under the Christmas tree. A bit materialistic, I admit, but as an adult I’ve learned that Christmas is not so much about presents, but about having a chance to switch off, spend time with family and, of course, have lots of delicious things to eat. The 25th of December is just one day, but the days leading up to Christmas can often be even better than the main event as anticipation builds and a plethora of festive activities present themselves for our enjoyment.

Apart from our adventures at the Santa Run in Perth and Santa Dash in Glasgow, we had a particularly festive day out to Edinburgh which formed my Christmas present this year. We had a fantastic day enjoying the Christmas market, ice skating (well, wobbling round the ice on skates!), having a cocktail at Harvey Nics and most exciting of all – a trip to see Wicked at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It was an amazing show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I left the theatre with a smile on my face and songs in my head feeling like a very lucky girl indeed.

IMG_3921 IMG_3923 IMG_3927 IMG_3928 IMG_3924 IMG_3931 IMG_3937 IMG_3940

But just because I’d already had my present didn’t mean I wasn’t excited for Christmas Day. Oh no, I was excited! We began our celebrations on Christmas Eve with a nice meal at home, Christmas movies, a visit from my sister and a FaceTime chat with my parents before tucking ourselves up in bed (leaving the cats to look out for Santa). Christmas morning began with the luxury of a lie-in followed by a quick check to see if Santa had been:


No presents were unwrapped at the this point, however, as we had planned a Christmas Day run together so it was off to get organised. The lovely people at Run 4 It recently sent us both a running top and water bottle branded with their 10 year anniversary logo as a mark of our achievements this year, so we decided to wear those for the first time and set off to run TOGETHER (something we very rarely do) at a comfortable, conversational pace and stopped to take a few photos along the way.



Yes, we are wearing Christmas hats!


Unbeknownst to Steve, I had entered us in a Christmas Day Virtual Activity event so when we arrived home I had medals waiting for us too!

IMG_3984 IMG_3985

After which I couldn’t resist trying my Santa hat on my sleepy cats!

IMG_3986 IMG_3987

The remainder of our day was spent in time-honoured Christmas Day fashion…opening presents and eating! By the time we actually opened the presents under our tree it was after 12 – I don’t think I’ve EVER made it to the afternoon before without opening a single parcel – but despite already arranging a fantastic day out to Edinburgh for my Christmas, Santa still managed to put a couple of new running goodies under the tree, including a couple of items I mentioned in my letter!


We spent a lovely afternoon with Steve’s family, but one of the highlights had to be Steve and his nephew turning up in the same Christmas jumper 🙂


We had a delicious meal but I declined seconds as I didn’t want to over-indulge. There was also the annual board game hilarity, this year provided by 4 artistically-challenged competitors attempting to play Pictionary!


The mince pies failed to improve our drawing skills!

What with the morning run, a post-dinner walk and walking to and from Steve’s brother’s house, Christmas Day turned out to be quite active. Boxing Day, however, was far more sedentary with another long-lie, some online sale shopping and only the briefest of trips out to the shops for some fresh air. However one day off is not a big deal and I was straight back to training the next day. Now all I need is for the new kit I ordered in the sales to arrive so I can try it all out. It will be like Christmas Day all over again and I can’t wait!

How did you spend Christmas?
Do you run or rest on Christmas Day?



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