A Letter to Santa

It’s Christmas Eve and, according to the NORAD Santa Tracker, Father Christmas is already well underway with his deliveries on his big night.


He’s getting closer!

Clearly it’s far too late for him to make any changes to what he’s got on his sleigh for me this year (or at least I hope he has something, I’m quite sure I’ve been a good girl!) but I thought I might share a list of one or two items I have my eye on. I may not find these under my Christmas tree tomorrow, but I’ll be looking out for them in the sales to see if I can pick up a bargain!*


Making the top of my list this year are all the pieces of running kit that will help keep me warm and dry. I distinctly remember spending what felt like an eternity marathon training in wet and windy weather last January/February (and when I say wet, I mean WET!) and after one particularly memorable run where my gloves were drier when they came out of the washing machine than when they went in, waterproofing is a big priority for me as the next cycle of marathon training approaches.

I’m really keen to try Sealskinz products as I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, so I’ll be hoping for some waterproof socks and gloves. They also have a waterproof beanie hat in their range which looks quite appealing too.

I’m also intrigued by the Adidas Climaheat range (I got a pair of the Climaheat Rocket Boost shoes when I was in Paris and on a trial run recently I did notice my feet keeping nice and warm) so another great option would be the Climaheat fleece gloves for cold days and the Cheat Hoody (a running top with a built in face guard for added warmth). Steve got some Climaheat trackies for work and he said it was like running in an electric blanket! I’m also rather fond of the Adidas running tights I bought in Paris and would love either another pair in pink or green, or another pair of equally funky running tights (I’ve seen some by several other brands such as Nike and Hind).


Speaking of funky, I love wearing compression tights/sleeves/socks on my longer runs so I’d love to add to my collection of bright/patterned ones. This year I’ve bought compression socks and sleeves by Bondi Band, ProCompression and Zensah which I love, but I’m also quite drawn to these! Wearing compression gear really helped my recovery during marathon training so as I see it, one can never have too much!

And so my wishlist seems to be all about the marathon training this year – kit to keep me warm, keep me dry and help me recover faster. What’s on your Christmas list?


*Disclaimer – these are all my own totally independent ideas. Quite simply, it’s just a list of all the stuff I want right now. Fingers crossed!


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