Runner Treats

It’s the first day of my annual trip to Florida, and today has been all about treating myself (in a mostly running-related way!).

We started out with breakfast at Denny’s. Not the healthiest I admit, but when it’s breakfast time on the first day of your holiday and your body believes it’s actually lunchtime (thanks 5 hour time difference!) then watermelon and toast just isn’t going to do it, so I had this:


I was even allowed regular rather than decaf coffee, although I suspect Steve then regretted that as our next stop was the running store Track Shack to pick up our race packs for the 4th July Watermelon 5k. A caffeine-fuelled Running Princess in a running store? Uh-oh!

I had a great time looking at their stock and I did buy a couple of things (of course) but I’m planning to wear them for the 5k so I’ll save those photos for my race report. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to run or not, but I’m still going to take part as this event is un-timed and open to walkers. I’ll either be able to run which will make me very happy, or I’ll have a pleasant walk through the city of Winter Park and get my money’s worth out of my entrance fee! It’s a great event which I’ve taken part in twice before so I’m looking forward to it despite the early start to beat the heat (we’ll need to set off at around 5am, eek!).

The real highlight of my day, however, was the next part. Towards the end of my trip last year, mum suggested going for a pedicure and it was AMAZING! I’ve been looking forward to going again so mum and I decided that if we went on the first day then went again at the end of the trip, I would be able to have two fantastic pedicures to get my runners’ feet in tip-top condition.

After choosing the colour I wanted, I was taken through to sit in a big chair with a water bath attached to let my feet soak in the nice warm water. The chair massages your back at the same time so it felt awesome!


The pedicure itself also involves exfoliating and massage of both the foot and lower leg as well as having them wrapped in warm towels. They also work really hard to sort out any rough patches and leave the skin on your feet super soft. My feet have been put through a lot so far this year so this was a real treat for me.

I also decided to get a manicure as it was just $10 more and stumped up the extra $5 to have French polish rather than just regular colour so now all my nails look fab ready for my holiday!


I never really go for pedicures or manicures at home, so this was a brilliant way to spend the afternoon. It’s been a tiring year and I’ve trained really hard too, so this was my reward for all that hard work and a great way to start my holiday. I’m really looking forward to the chance to relax for a couple of weeks so taking some time out for a relaxing pedicure/manicure today really made for a fantastic start. Now fingers crossed that I manage at least a little bit of running tomorrow…

What’s your favourite way to treat yourself after a hard training cycle?
If you’re from the USA, how will you be celebrating the 4th of July?


10 thoughts on “Runner Treats

  1. My new favourite way to relax on holiday after training hard – is a Swedish Back/neck massage. I had one in Aberdeen last week and was lovely, very relaxing. I’m not celebrating the 4th of July – instead I will celebrate the 5th of July (my birthday ha ha)


  2. That looks like one mighty breakfast! I think any running girl on caffeine in a sports store would be a rather lethal combination. I look forward to seeing the outfit you bought. Your pedicure looks so good, I’m very jealous. I have too few toenails left to even consider having one. The world is not ready to be exposed to the state of my feet… πŸ˜‰


    • I was reluctant to show the world my feet last year but I’m glad I did as the pedi was so good and they take pride in making your feet look nice. Not surprised you’re missing a few toenails though after all your ultra running πŸ˜‰


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