Roll Tape!

I thought I’d post a quick update on my injury situation since seeing the physio on Monday and having my foot/leg taped.

After having the tape applied, I noticed an immediate difference just walking around. Since the taping prevented my foot from rolling in as much as usual, the extra support took the pressure off the injured muscle, allowing it a chance to recover. After all, how do you rest a muscle that is used every time you walk about (and as a teacher I’m on my feet all day!)? Feeling a little more confident, I followed my instructions to try a run on Tuesday evening while the taping was fresh.

At first the muscle felt a little tight, but given my lack of training I had to expect that. Within a few minutes though, it was settling down and I was running freely. I could still feel the niggling of the muscle (there was never going to be a miracle cure!) but it was much less uncomfortable than during my previous test runs. I completed roughly two and a half miles then did some thorough stretching, interested to see how it would feel in the aftermath.

For the rest of the evening it felt fine and there were no ill effect the next day either. The only inconvenience was that I had to wear trousers for work and struggled a bit to find suitable tops since I normally wear skirts or dresses (not a good look with taping!). Non-runners just can’t appreciate the impact running can have on our sartorial choices! 🙂

Having been told the tape would last 2-3 days, I expected to be removing it by Thursday evening. I couldn’t train on Wednesday due to work commitments, however I knew I could on Thursday. Should I run again or should I cross train? Seeking Steve’s advice, I decided to try another run, even though the tape was starting to become a bit looser. He suggested I try 5K, which I did. I probably ran a bit harder than on Tuesday, and despite the less-than-fresh tape, I noticed that there had been further improvement and I was experiencing less discomfort again. Despite “only” being 5K, it was hard work: my legs want to move at the pace they have become accustomed to, but my fitness isn’t what it was a few weeks ago to match it. That said, so long as I reign in my pace, I’ll be able to complete my 10K race tomorrow.

After my run I stretched then removed the tape, which came off much more easily than I had expected. This time I was a bit more aware of the muscle immediately after my run, but it had settled by the time I’d showered. I was also curious to see how I would get on at work on Friday when I would be on my feet all day without the tape to add support (but would at least be able to wear my skirt again!). Although a little tighter first thing (probably more from the run than anything else) I continued to feel comfortable during the day and in my post-work swim was able to push off from the side of the pool with my left leg, something which was quite uncomfortable just a week ago. All positive progress.

This morning I returned to the physio, who was pleased to hear of the success of the taping and stretching since Monday. She did a bit of massage then gave me an ultrasound treatment which I love – you can’t feel a thing happening, yet afterwards you can feel the difference in the injured area. Next she re-applied the tape for tomorrow, giving me instructions on how to do it and providing me with a roll of tape so I can always have the taping there for running or high impact activities. She also cleared me to try returning to Metafit this week to see how I get on. I’ll be back on Thursday for further treatment, and hopefully I will notice even more improvement in the interim.

So tomorrow my tape and I will be taking on the Stirling 10K. My training has been less than ideal: the Perth 10K was tough without much 10K training and I’ve done little since then to rectify that. That said, I need to get some decent training on the go again and would need to run 10K tomorrow regardless. My plan is to try and take it steady (easier said than done!) and just see what happens. I’ve completed races in much more dire straits before and 10K is certainly do-able so long as I don’t have a time goal. The weather forecast is not particularly encouraging, but there’s nothing I can do about that other than choose the best kit for the conditions and expect to be “drookit” when I finish. It’s just going to be another training run…with a medal at the end!

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