Status Report

I’ve been a bit quiet lately so I thought a quick update was in order…

Running-wise it’s been a tricky couple of weeks. In the run up to the Perth 10K I was bothered by a niggling discomfort in my left leg. The problem was on the inside, a little above the ankle and I assumed it stemmed from the usual problem with the joint in my foot getting locked up. I could run through it, in fact I ran quite well, but my leg throbbed afterwards. Now, about a month later, it still hasn’t shifted.

I’ve rested, I’ve stretched, I’ve had deep massage. Nothing. I’ve had post-massage bruises, I’ve had test runs, and I’ve had a developing relationship with tiger balm. Still, the discomfort is there, like someone pressing a finger into a fresh bruise. Fed up (and falling into the always dangerous trap of Googling my symptoms) this weekend I decided enough was enough and made arrangements to see a physio this evening.

I had a thorough assessment and the physio confirmed there is a straightforward injury to the muscle and nothing more serious. The muscle in question runs around the ankle and under the foot, explaining why I’d also had some discomfort there. Having expected to be told that I would need further rest (and therefore further quality time on the exercise bike) I was pleasantly surprised to be told that initially we would try some taping and that I should try a run tomorrow. If that goes well, I have an appointment on Saturday morning to have the tape replaced ahead of my race on Sunday. I’ll also be given an exercise to do as well as being given some tape and shown how to tape it up in order to get back to my training.


Basically, the tape wraps my foot and is designed to add support, allowing the injured muscle to heal, and I’ve been quite surprised at the difference it makes. It will likely need a little longer to be fully healed, but given that I’m already planning my races for next year (more about that in another post) it’s really important that I get this sorted out and try to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

To be honest, I wish I’d gone to the physio a bit sooner, but usually muscular problems I’ve experienced have resolved with stretching and massage, so it’s been a bit of a surprise that this has lasted so long. Seeing a physio tends to worry me as I have this expectation of doom. It probably stems from unsuccessful treatment after a broken arm as a child, yet any physio I’ve had as a runner has been an extremely positive experience. I do have a little trepidation about trying a run tomorrow, but that’s to be expected when discomfort is involved. The important thing is, I know I won’t do any lasting damage. Besides, there’s a bit of me that’s quite pleased to have a bit of taping: it makes me feel all Olympic. I only wish it was a funky colour…!

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