It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Rather alarmingly, another year has gone by and we’re just one weekend away from Christmas Day, so this week’s short post will be on Allison and Steve’s now-traditional festive jaunt to Edinburgh which took place last Sunday.

Ever since we had our first official date of a trip to the Edinburgh Christmas market and ice rink in 2008, we have taken a trip through to our capital every December for a bit of seasonal magic. This year was our 5th festive trip and the 3rd year in a row that we have also taken part in the Great Edinburgh Santa Run. If you haven’t come across it, this is an annual event organised by children’s charity When You Wish Upon a Star to raise funds to take youngsters to Lapland to meet Santa. It involves 1000+ Santas gathering at the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens to participate in a bonkers Zumba warmup then complete 2 laps of the gardens whilst trying not to choke on their own false beard! It’s great fun, all in a good cause and there’s a medal as well as the Santa suit to keep. It’s also the only race I’ve ever done where I’m REALLY aware of my top lip sweating!


For the rest of the day Edinburgh remains full of people going about their business in a Santa suit. Our favourite is always to go for a post-run coffee, acting as if wearing a Santa suit is the most natural thing in the world! Others head for the market or the ice rink in their festive garb and nobody ever finds it strange.


After this, we de-Santa and head for the Christmas market, this year enjoying a bacon and maple syrup crêpe in addition to the obligatory glühwein, both of which were delicious.


Edinburgh itself looks fantastic at Christmas, so a trip through is well worth it. It’s been a couple of years since we went on either the big wheel or the ice rink, but seeing them always brings back memories of previous trips and we always end up reminiscing about the time our friend had to get first aid after falling on the ice and the rest of us stood outside taking photos, or the time the same friend squealed like a girl on the big wheel! There are lots of wonderful memories and every year new ones are created.



All in all, this was another successful trip, not just for the fun we had but for the fact that I was able to run after spending the previous few weeks addressing a glute problem. I had no discomfort while running, although afterwards it did flare up a bit for a few days so obviously some more work needs to be done there, however this experience was enough for me to really feel the desire to get out running again. I think I shall add a fully functional gluteus medius to my list for Santa…!


Merry Christmas everyone!
The Running Princess x


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